Monday, October 28, 2013

End Of Summer

Wow how time flies!! To end off our summer the kids and I took one last trip to Utah. We had a blast! Both the kids traveled liked champs. When we arrived in Vegas we had an hour and half trip to my parents house in St. George. Half way we stopped for gas and noticed something was leaking from the car. What was supposed to be a quick fill up turned into a 3 hour ordeal. The car was leaking oil. I felt very blessed that we had stopped and noticed the problem in a well lit parking lot and not on the highway. Once the tow truck arrived and Brian ( my sisters hubby) we were back on the road. The next two weeks we spent swimming, golf ball hunting, making rockets and much more. I also was able to be apart of my little sis taking her endowments out. What a wonderful blessing it was to be with her on that day.

This is how we entertained the kids for almost an hour while waiting to be saved. Rocks make great chalk art.


Endowment lunch with the Kiddos


Paint trains with Grandpa
Bead Fairy with Grandma


Bees Baseball Game.


Grandpa and Marques retrieving a rocket from the roof top. My dad must love his grandkids. He has a fear of heights.

Every night we were in SLC Marques had a bed time song and dance for the kids. Let's just say it wasn't to help them settle down. 

Brendon loved my parents bull dog Winston.

Play time with cousin Mason

Movie Night!! Arianna surprised us all and shared her blankets and Giraffes with Grandma.

Nap time. 
Helping Beckie open Birthday presents.

Last night in Utah. Enjoying ice cream with  cousins.
Two days after arriving back home we closed on our house and Started moving in. A few days after that Brendon started First Grade at his new school. I am happy to say we all survived the world wind. We love the neighborhood we live in and the school Brendon is attending. The new house has been fabulous. We have plenty of space and room to grow. We are very blessed. 
The New house

 Day before School Ice cream celebration


Brendon works very hard this summer to make save money. He wanted to buy a tablet or go-cart. I am very proud to say he made 103 dollars and some change. I was shocked when the bank told us his total. He is a very good kid and already desires to be successful in life.

Brendon's Fish Blue tank died this summer. That fish made it from Oklahoma to Minnesota. I was surprised he made it though all that. Brendon was sad, but felt better after helping me bury him in the front yard. 

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